Perfect Scheduler

As you already know, I have a hectic lifestyle. Three kids running in different directions everyday, husband is working around the clock, and my company is going through a lot of growth spurts. I have tried many different planners: Franklin Covey, PDA, Filofax, etc… Well, one thing I realized, I am a paper/pen person, and not very tech savvy. My PDA now just sits in my underwear drawer waiting to be used, and the other planners were either too bulky or too portable, but I found the perfect planner: momAgenda. It’s great. My friend Shua told me about it about a year ago, so I purchased one this year for 2007, and in the midst of my move, I had misplaced it, only to have my friend found it during her move to NC, and already 3 months had gone by where I didn’t use it. I just got it back! Now my life is in order. For a while there, it was so hard trying to keep up not only my schedule, but the kids too! I kept printing GOOGLE calendars every month to keep track of their activities.

What I love about this planner is the month, week in a glance. Especially the week: it lays out your week, as well as spaces for kids, and a section for dinner: what you are planning to make that night. I love it, It keeps me organized with three kids, and it keeps me on track with my personal and business life. The only downside is the planner isn’t made too well, so already the corners are coming apart (around the 3rd month) it started to unravel, but the way it is organized and keeps me sane is worth any price.


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