A Time to Give Thanks

What a great time to give. I admit, I had been a bit consumed with the whole Lolly™ project, buried in fabrics and invoices, that I hardly had any time to come up for air. I will be heading to Chicago this holiday, and am so looking forward to spending-finally a real winter holiday! This post can’t be any more appropriate than now to thank my great friends and colleagues in the business.

My dear friends, Sam & Shua Shin who have been an integral part of Sam & Bellie since almost day one. Sam does all my photos, web programming, etc.. He is basically my handy man in the business. If I can’t do it, I call on him at any time of the day. Shua is his wife, who is my dearest and closest friend and is my sounding board.

My sister, for picking up after I left off, being able to dump all my dirty work. She does a lot for me (but that doesn’t mean I don’t hear it from her!)

My fulfillment center, Jim & Jerry, who are “partners in the business” as they like to say to me all the time! They are always so happy to hear from me, and love to hold my hand and walk me through the whole supply chain process. What a huge learning experience!

My product engineer, Kevin, for not strangling me just yet. I must have over 2000 emails from him since last May.

My mother, who deals with such a novice in the business: me. Her experience and knowledge of import has been tremendous, saving me tons of money.

Finally, my husband who has been dealing with all my abuse! He has basically been my financial backbone. But most importantly, he is my sounding board for all the ups and downs of my business! I love you!

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