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I love networking, but being a full time mother, wife, and entreprenuer, it’s hard to do! I don’t have the time nor the energy, however, I love Twitter. I am able to mingle some of my personal life with my business, and it’s something I am able to do without spending too much time. If you have an account, I would love for you to follow me: @samandbellie is my Twitter id. And just in case you think you landed on the wrong page, here is my image:

Not a great picture, but hey, it will do for now, my son, trying to be the aspiring photographer like his mom took this picture. I think he did a pretty decent job considering he is only 8 years old!

To end with a personal note,  I want to share with you how my husband finally came back from one long deployment this week! It’s like we’re newly weds all over again. The kids missed daddy, and it’s been 8 months since they had seen him! We are excited to have him back! It’s a bit weird to see a man in the house after all these months!

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