Sam & Bellie New Chalk Marker!

Individual Marker

We are so excited to announce the new chalk marker that is made perfectly for our Lolly and Sam & Bellie chalkmats! Non-toxic, and safe for kids, I spoke directly to the manufacturer, and they told me it’s safe for any age, but I would recommend supervision with the marker, and make sure the cap is secured when using the pen. I wouldn’t recommend it for kids under 3, unless you are supervising them. It turned my kids completely onto the chalkmat once I gave it with the marker. It became a totally different product! 🙂

We will have them in stock by the end of the week. It is 6mm chalk pen which draws, writes perfectly! You just need to erase with a damp cloth, and Volia! We will be offering them individually for $3.99 in white, blue or pink, made in Japan

Please check back this week!

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