Totin’ Around

You’re a conscientious citizen. You recycle, pick up after your dog, you give a hoot when someone pollutes, and you read the fine print of ingredient lists on food packages.

In fact, you even consider yourself going Green.

You don’t want to keep using those poly bags from the stores that you just stuff under your sink, but the alternative is bleak in finding fashionable totes to store your wares. Well, Three Potato Four Totes agrees, and came up with totes for your whims. Made of linen, canvas and Japanese import designs, it’s one of a kind, original creations. It turns shopping into an affair by creating a durable, one-of-a-kind bag that makes a statement anywhere.

You can rest assure your tote won’t ever be mistaken for one of those monotonous canvas things littering the world. Isn’t it nice to know you can be Green and be fashionable still?

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