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Woe to the post-modern parent: you are always concerned about giving the best for our child when it comes to food. You’ll do anything to make sure you protect your little one from eating chemicals and junk, but at the same time you’re a softie when it comes to refined sugary goodies especially when your kid is begging for it. You want to make sure your kid eats wholesome, and if possible organic foods as much as possible. But going to Whole Foods can mean your whole paycheck as my friend Nina commented once. Hopefully this link and teleconference /seminar can help you find creative ways to eat organic and wholesome foods without dipping into your whole paycheck:

This seminar (October 24, 2007) addresses:

The difference between organic, certified organic, natural.
Discover why it is crucial to get to know your source.
Learn the top questions Laura uses to determine if a product is truly natural and or organic, if it’s not certified organic.
How to choose the right local foods.
Discover your true values when you shop.
How to prioritize your shopping list
Shopping tips
The most important foods for a pre and post natal woman to eat organic.
The safest fish to eat when pregnant or nursing?

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