A Natural Passie

Shopping for essentials is a full time job for the new mom. (Like you needed another?) So, we tested and picked products that we thought would be great for her, or for the mother to be. In the next couple days, see what new essentials we tried and tested so you don’t have to guess and shop around. This is our first pick, and I don’t know why they took so long for them to come out with this! (now that I’m done having babies!) I never even thought of what can leach out of a pacifier!!! How terrifying!

What a great shape for a pacifier. It is shaped just like a mother’s nipple, and probably feels very natural to the baby because it’s based on the contours of the baby’s mouth. This European pacifier is all natural not just in the feel, but nubbier than other silicone pacifiers. You know your baby would latch onto this one because it is free from all the nasty things you would never consciously put into your baby’s mouth: such as artificial colors, BHA, chemical softeners, parabens, PVC, and dioxins- these are made from pure rubber tapped from the Hevea brasiliensi tree. Molded in a single piece, it makes sure the dirt and bacteria cannot get trapped and fester. Now that is something to suck about.

Available exclusively online through Zoe b Organic.

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