Messy Baby to the Rescue!

Have you ever seen a baby ever eat cleanly? I don’t ever think if left to his own device he could even tried to eat cleanly. Let’s face it, all babies and toddlers by nature are messy! Small bibs really don’t work when you’re trying to teach them to be independent, but those big shirts that cover your body is just not practical everytime your baby eats. Well, Chic Tots found a way to get around that: introducing Clean & Chic:

Unique split-leg accommodates all high chairs, and open-back design easily slips on seated tot
Durable snaps closures (NO VELCRO)
Soft elastic on sleeves to keep messes out!
Wipeable and machine washable 100% cotton coated with PUL (NO VINYL). Mildew, stain and waterproof.
Eating bib, long sleeve bib, full body bib, smock, all in one!

Invented by a mom, Chic & Clean is not only practical, but stylish too. My favorite is the sushi.

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