Never Say Never

I think of myself as a black and white person in all situations: Don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t cheat. Never ever.

Well, until I had kids, I realized some rules have to bend…my middle child detests veggies with a passion. I think it’s more in the mind, but in order for her to eat them, I have to hide them and lie about it! When I make dumplings, I have to tell here there are no veggies in them, then she eats it, but as soon as she realizes there is something green in it, she spits it back out. Every meal is a chore, and I have to pull my hair out trying to figure out every meal to suit her taste.

In my desperation, I went to my favorite store, Barnes & Noble, looking for a kid-friendly cookbook, and I stumbled across Jessica Seinfeld’s (Jerry’s wife) book. From the first page to the last, I was hooked. I immediately bought it and tried five recipes, and every one of them have been a huge success! I can’t believe it! My daughter thinks she isn’t eating any vegetables every night. Jessica teaches you how you can hide your veggies in your child’s meals. Just like Jessica, I too dreaded meal times, and I gave up giving veggies to my daughter. I just wanted peace at the table, and I gave in to my daughter’s whims because I wanted our family to eat peacefully. Jessica encourages we should not stop serving vegetables at the table even though they are hidden, so I bring out the salad, or cut carrots, red peppers etc., so my daughter realizes vegetables are part of our daily diet.

In the beginning of the book, Jessica goes through the kitchen tools, and the types of food kids are suppose to have in their daily diet. This has been a huge help for me because I wasn’t aware of the daily servings they need in every food group each day. Jessica teaches you how to puree and hide it in the regular meal, such as adding butternut squash puree in your Mac & Cheese, or Flaxseed meal and potato puree in your Chicken kebabs, all of which my children died and loved.

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