Not Just Your Ordinary Burp Cloths

So what baby doesn’t spit up? If you can name one baby who doesn’t spit, I would love to meet ‘em, because as far as newborns go, they eat, burp, spit and sleep all day long! With that said, you know you need to arm yourself with the best gear for the baby, and we found the very best burps cloths: The Burp Armor.

Burp Armor burp cloths feature an ergonomic design and innovative flap that fits completely over the shoulder and stays put and (two layers of fleece for absorbency and a third layer of corduroy for stay-put traction) keep you and your clothing clean. Simply throw it over your shoulder and you’ll be ready for anything.

Stay-put shape
Organic cotton + hemp
3-layer absorbency
Prewashed in organic soap
Designed by a dad
USA Made
So mommies and daddies, get your very best gear on, put on that Burp Armor, and get ready to handle anything that comes out of your baby’s mouth!

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